Set Yourself Free

24th April 2019

Set Yourself Free:

A Structured Process to Help Build Confidence and Self-Esteem in Any Area of Your Life.

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What people are saying…


“A very thorough process, with lot’s of ideas and examples provided.”



“Everything’s here from helping me understand who I am, and how I ‘work’, to guiding me to find the solutions that work best for me! A great book, thank you!”



“The only book you’ll need! I didn’t realise I knew so little about myself. This book helped me find my Mojo.”


What You’ll Learn

How having low confidence and self esteem is a learned behaviour and how you can go about changing it.
How, despite the fact that people say changing is difficult, it’s surprisingly easy when you use the right techniques.
Understanding what your true life values are and how your underlying beliefs about the world influence your decisions.
Techniques for getting the leverage you need to make the life cefining changes you seek.
A proven, structured process to help you defeat your self-confidence demons and get everything you want.
Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure and why,if fact, you should strive to have some.
Several Tips and techniques to build your confidence and self-esteem.
A series of confidence building projects to develop your newly found super powers!


Here you’ll find all the resources I list in the book. Click the links, to download them.


Or, if you prefer, you can get all the worksheets in a handy zip file, by downloading from the link below.

Confidence Worksheet Collection




Red Notebook



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