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St.John’s Wort

No doubt you’ve heard of St.John’s Wort, even if you didn’t know what is was, or what it did?

Well, this species of St.John’s wort is actually a common hedgerow flower in the UK. It has the botanical name, “Hypericum Hidcote

The active ingredients in St.John’s Wort are used as an alternative medicine that can help sufferers of depression and anxiety.

For me, just looking at these wonderful flowers would help reduce any anxiety 🙂


This image was shot with my iPhone 14 Pro. It was taken in Chilton Polden, Somerset. Minor edits with Snapseed.


Camera Settings
Focal Length 13mm
Aperture f2.2
Shutter Speed 1/270
ISO 40
Exp. Compensation -0.67 ev
Coordinates 51°09’21.5″N 2°53’32.8″W
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  1. Lee/Harper October 4, 2023

    Love the photos you should keep it up. And maybe I can ask dad to take you to more places with us, so we can take some photos?

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