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About Me

Hi! I’m Steve George

Steve GeorgeBorn in London in 1965, I’ve lived in Bridgwater, Somerset since 2010. And I’ve had a passion for photography since I was a teenager.

I thought before about making my hobby a profession, but the pleasure for me in photography is recording the things I see in everyday life. The pressure of making this peaceful and relaxing time, into a client focussed business didn’t sit right with me personally.

So, I’m happy to keep things as they are.

That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the few weddings and charity events I’ve photographed in years gone by though. But, everyone needs a hobby.


My Photography Subjects

I enjoy photographing everyday life. This makes it difficult for me to specify a single area, but at the moment, I’m enjoying landscape and nature photography.


My Camera Equipment

I‘ve been my wife’s full-time carer for several years now, so finances have always been tight. But, I decided to go digital in 2008, and bought the Sony a200. I’d had a few Minolta film cameras previously and kept the lenses, so Sony was the natural choice. (Sony bought Konica Minolta in 2006 and they use the same lens mount design).

I often look through magazines and websites, wishing I could afford the latest and greatest camera, or lens. But, for me, the cost is prohibitive.

So, I made the decision to prove that I didn’t need it.

Around 2015, I wanted to reduce the amount of camera gear I carried around, so I sold my dSLR equipment, and bought an Olympus E-PL1 mirrorless camera, with 14-42mm kit lens, that I found on eBay.

Then, with the huge progress that smartphone manufacturers had made in their cameras, in 2017 I decided to give my smartphone a try. (at the time, I was using the Huawei P9 Lite.)

Today, around 95% of my images are shot with my iPhone 14 Pro. The computational algorithms that smartphones use, take care of almost all the often reported concerns.

To me, the camera is just a tool for my photography, in the same way that a pen is a tool for a writer.

Whether a writer is using a 69p BIC crystal biro, or the Tribaldi Fulgor Nocturnus fountain pen (it sold for $8Million), the writing is just as good!


Having a newer, or more expensive pen doesn’t make them a better writer.

About the site

This website is really just a way to present some of my images. I have another site that answers some of the most common questions I get.

You can read those articles over at iPhonePhotography.UK



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