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8th March 2019

I’m a Confidence Coach and Author in the Personal Growth genre.

My reason for this site is simple.

Changing your life for the better, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. The greatest gift for me, is knowing that I’ve done some small thing to help you accomplish that.

Although I’m successful now, that wasn’t always the case. For years I drifted through life. Driven by the needs of the moment, on the road to nowhere.

I struggled for a long time. Almost twenty years in fact, with low self-esteem and very little confidence. I would be full of enthusiasm for a new project, just to give up on it a couple of weeks later, as soon as it got a bit difficult, or I had to speak to someone about it.

I was living in a wasteland of failed dreams, looking into a future of despondency and darkness….

Then, I got a brain tumour and everything changed.
Well, actually getting the brain tumour didn’t change me. Not having it anymore did!

The process went a bit like this….

Day One:

Tumour was discovered and I was told is was probably cancer.

Day Two:

Had operation to remove it.

Days Three to Six:

I couldn’t feed myself, I couldn’t talk properly, I didn’t recognise anyone (not even my wife and children), my brain was swelling by the hour.

Day seven:

I was told it wasn’t cancer.

Three days later, I’m home with my family, well on the road to recovery.

It was clear to me then, my mind had decided to protect me from what I ‘believed’ was my short future. Once my mind had been reassured, I almost immediately became a fully-functioning adult again.

And I asked myself, if the human mind was capable of that, what else was it capable of?

That’s when my journey of self discovery started.

Over the years that followed, I put a huge amount of time and money into learning how the mind was able to achieve such monumental changes. Then, once I’d made some huge changes in my own life, I wanted to use that information to help anyone else that was suffering and wanted my help.

Over the last thirty years, I’ve formally studied Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Psycho-analysis and Psychology, gaining my Ph.D in 2006. I’m also a qualified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and I’ve completed a professional development course in Advanced Child Psychology.

I’ve also, probably read about 300, or so personal development books and I’m a pathological learner. I’ve lost count how many short ‘specialty’ course I’ve attended over the years. Even though these courses are very similar in a lot of ways, if I get just one more nugget of information, or an alternative viewpoint from them, it’s worthwhile.

All this experience and learning has given me the ability to help not only myself, but many, many other people to overcome their issues with confidence, etc. and help them with their personal growth.

seminarIn my own life now, I’ve launched and continue to have a major interest in two successful businesses, I have made presentations and provided live training events to rooms full of people, I was a senior lecturer at a college for seven years and then spent four years training CEO’s, Managing Directors, etc of multi-national companies.

Most of my time now is spent continuing my progress and helping people like you.

By developing programs, training and information products (and of course the blog), my greatest wish, is to help you increase your awareness and build your understanding, so that can make big changes to your life.

I still have times when social anxiety plays a part in my own life and I’m sure it always will. But, with the correct information, correctly applied, no one would ever know it.

After a while, you get to a point where you don’t even think about the possible bad outcomes in a situation, because you know you have the tools to handle any criticism.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page. I hope you’ll let me go on this journey of discovery with you. I promise to be your biggest fan and I’ll help in any way I can 🙂

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